I have not been posting. Instead I have been working out a lot of things.

As time progresses, and I finally get that glimpse of daylight ahead, I am amazed at the work God has wrought within me.

Broken, alone, lost. That was how this journey began so long ago. Some days are better than others, some days I feel like life maybe isn’t so special, it’s not worth the pain of waking up and feeling so empty.

But God has ways of making life have meaning when you least expect it, and He has a way of giving you just what you need at the right time. 

Death felt so close to me in the winter of 2013. I didn’t want to go on anymore. Why bother? I had learned that life was pain, and that good was just an idea. Or so I thought.

It was around that time Misa came into my life. She is my cat. 

She was like me. Lost and broken. Left to die on the street. With no one to love her, no one to home her, I took her with me to stay.

Such a small thing. So totally unexpected. To the point I could not help but see Gods loving providence in this act when I looked back on it.

Sometimes a person just needs to feel that they are needed. That they have a reason to live beyond themselves but because they can give something to someone else. In taking care of this unloved broken creature, I learned that God loves all of us that are broken too. That He loves us in a way that can be difficult to understand or comprehend at times. 

Truth be told my beautiful Misa saves my life, as I couldn’t have made it through that time without her I think. My spirit was too weak, and the thought of death was too soothing.

She is a happy kitty, today. She still is somewhat anti social, a mark of previous cruelties she experienced before. 

But that’s ok. Because we were both broken, and God put us back together.