Salvation is a miracle.

Life is a miracle. You can look around you at everything, and see miracles in everything. Not just the animals, plants and all that, though you have to admit that they are miracles created by a higher power that I will never understand. You have people. Filled with souls that are eternal.

Salvation is a miracle. The idea of God is a miracle. I think that word, miracle, has been overused, and some of its power is lost because we expect to see amazing things everywhere and we become accustomed to these things; but I say God is the most amazing, the most powerful miracle that I can think of.

Why should God care about you and I? Whatever did we do to deserve such care and compassion from the creator of the entire universe? I spent most of my life doing the wrong things. Sins stacked up to the tops of mountains. I still sin, on a regular basis as I am only human, and I will be a sinner as long as I live. And while my behaviors and actions change over time, and while I might not wish to actively do wrong, I still do it. The point is, that no one deserves God’s love. No one deserves his compassion.

And yet, He provided a means of salvation. An escape route to save our filthy souls from rightful damnation. Who could say otherwise? Who, if they look in their hearts and are honest, can say they do not deserve the punishment we have asked for. We are all guilty, and are not worthy to be saved, but God holds us up and doesn’t let go because His love for us is eternal and more powerful than our hatred, and greed, and the corrupted spirits that dwell in each of us, that torment our hearts with the reality that we turned our eyes and our backs from God and we should all pay the price for it. He gave us Jesus, the Messiah that can save us from our damnation by simply believing on him.

God knows us so much better than even we know ourselves, and provided a path to life for us that anyone can take, no matter how black our hearts are.


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